Start Fundraising With Us




Utica Coffee Roasting has been roasting great coffees and providing amazing products to help groups raise funds. School, scout, sport, and other community groups need a fundraiser that reduces the demands on volunteers’ time, but also one with products that supporters will gladly purchase again and again.

Utica Coffee Roasting “meets the mark” with fresh roasts at reasonable prices for supporters. We are committed to making our fundraiser effective so that groups of all types and sizes can raise the funds they need, through traditional and online sales.


Our approach is simple: We use the highest quality coffee available, roast it in small batches for premium coffee, and adhere to business principles that embrace the culture, history, and vibe of our region. We practice current, sustainable, renewable business practices, hire local, purchase local (everything but our coffee beans, of course), and sell local.

The best part about what we do? We get to roast, drink, and share our phenomenal coffee in the process.

It has always been our mission to revitalize and give back to our community. As we have grown over the years, our definition of community has evolved and we have added to our mission in response.

Utica Coffee Responsible is our effort to make our community on a local, regional and global scale… a better place.



This effort comes in many shapes and sizes and sometimes means different things, but all in an effort to achieve our overall goal of making our community a better place. We want to tie our success to meaningful initiatives and involve our customers as much as possible.

Utica Coffee Roasting has been from the start committed to offering the highest quality of coffee available from all regions of the world. Our mission continues to be to revitalize and give back to our community through responsible business development.