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Decaf USDA Organic

10oz Drip




Do you desire all the fine attributes of a cup of Colombian coffee but could do without the caffeine? If so, then try our mild and sweet Colombia Decaf coffee, with a medium body and chocolate and nutty notes, made from 100% of the finest, hand-selected Arabica coffee and then decaffeinated using a chemical-free Swiss Water Process. While some roasters use beans that have been decaffeinated using chemical solvents, we here at Utica Coffee Roasting Co. believe that life is too short to drink chemically processed coffee.

Aroma: Chocolaty, Nutty

Acidity: Medium

Body: Medium

Flavor: Mild and sweet, chocolaty, with nutty undertones

The Swiss Water Process is a method of decaffeination that is 100% chemical free, where green coffee beans are soaked in water containing caffeine free green coffee extract over an eight hour period so that the caffeine is extracted from the bean and into the water yet the flavor components remain. The now caffeine saturated green coffee extract is then processed through a carbon filter to remove the caffeine and thus becoming caffeine free, again ready to extract caffeine from a new batch of coffee. The coffee beans are then dried to their originating moisture level and re-bagged. The Swiss Water Process results in coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free.