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Whole Bean The Art Of Darkness

10oz Whole Bean



Turn to the dark side with our deliciously dark and mysterious Art of Darkness coffee.

We here at Utica Coffee Roasting Co. believe that the coffee you drink should be a direct reflection of your personality. The Art of Darkness reflects those who dare to be a bold blend for then strong-hearted working warrior ready to Wake the Hell Up! and kick the daily grind in the teeth.

This coffee is made by artfully blending a secret mixture of coffee beans from Central America, South America, and Africa, and then expertly roasting them low and slow, until the beans reach a dark brown and are shimmering in oils.

It’s a blend so delectably dark, so magical, it’s an art, the art of darkness.

Aroma: Dark Chocolate, tobacco

Acidity: Low

Body: Smooth

Flavor: Deep, rich, bittersweet, dark chocolate

Varieties: Blend of Central American, South American, and African Coffees